BLONDI BEACH. started at the beach with you in mind.

Swimming daily, surf rescues and plenty of beach time resulted in sun damaged hair. We wanted a naturally derived product that would fix that, and so decided to formulate a range of products without harmful chemicals found in more common hair products.    

Seeking advice from cosmetic hair experts and fragrance specialists was an immensely enjoyable process. 

We knew what we liked and they helped us discover what works. 

Family, friends and local beach dwellers enjoyed testing it out.

They wanted it to smell like summer, so we created a scent that reminded us of Bondi. We hope you like it too.

BLONDI BEACH. hair products are influenced by the sea, Bondi cool and laid-back summers.  

When we're not formulating hair products, we like to swim off the boat ramp and head out past the surf break. One of life’s simplest luxuries.

For now, we are are only a small company with more products on the way.

Drop us a line and see you on the beach.